Unternehmensmanagement, Projektsteuerung und Projektmanatgement Berlin

Project steering Berlin

General information on project steering

According to AHO guidelines (as of May 2014)

We provide all basic and special project steering services for:

  1. organisation, information, coordination and documentation
  2. of qualities and quantities
  3. costs and financing
  4. dates, deadlines, schedules as well as capacities and logistics
  5. contracts and insurance

during the project preparation, planning, execution preparation, execution and project completion phases.

It goes without saying that we also perform all project management tasks with the following basic services:

  • Facilitating or making the necessary decisions on schedule with regard to function, construction, standard and design as well as organisation, quality, costs, deadlines as well as contracts and insurance;
  • Implementing the required measures and performing the contracts whilst at the same time protecting the rights and obligations of the client on its behalf;


  • Obtaining the necessary approvals, consents and permits with a view to maturity for approval;
  • Conflict management in order to reconcile the different interests of project stakeholders with common project goals with regard to qualities, costs and deadlines, for instance, with respect to
      - the obligation of the project stakeholders to
       integrate the different planning services in terms of technical aspects and contents and
      - the obligation of the project stakeholders to
      explore possible alternative solutions;
  • Chairing project meetings at management and/or board level for the preparation/initiation/implementation of decisions;
  • Conducting negotiations with a binding effect for the client in terms if project, contractual or public law;
  • Acting as the central point of contact for the project; ensuring completion of the to-do-lists of the catalogue of decisions and measures;
  • Performing project-related representation tasks towards the user, the funding institution, the public-interest parties and the general public.

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