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Project steering Berlin

Project managing in the construction and property sector

We assume complete assignments in project management in Berlin with the basic services:

  1. Timely bringing about or taking the necessary decisions both with regard to function, construction, standard and structure as well as regarding organisation, quality, costs, deadlines together with contracts and insurance policies;
  2. Implementation of the necessary measures and completion of contracts while upholding the rights and obligations of the client in the name of the latter;
  3. Obtaining the required permits, consents and permissions with regard to readiness for approval;
  4. Conflict management to direct the different interests of the project participants towards uniform project objectives regarding qualities, costs and deadlines, also with regard to
      - the obligation of the project participants for professional-content integration of the various planning services and
      - the obligation of the project participants to investigate alternative solutions;
  • Leading project discussions at management or board level to prepare/initiate/implement decisions;
  • Holding negotiations with a project-related binding effect under contractual and public law for the client;
  • Assumption of the central project point of contact; ensuring the catalogue of decisions/measures is worked through;
  • Assuming project-related representation obligations with regard to the user, the financer, the public agencies and the general public.

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