Unternehmensmanagement, Projektsteuerung und Projektmanatgement Berlin

Project development

Project development services for properties and building land are based on the three cornerstones of project development, i.e., ‘idea – capital – object’. This is the basis on which we find the ideal solutions for our different clients.

  • The idea or capital or the object are available –> finding the right concepts, financing, objects
  • The idea and capital are looking for an object –> requirement-specific object procurement/brokerage
  • An object with an idea is looking for capital –> targeted investor approach/brokerage, financing concept/brokerage
  • An object with capital is looking for ideas –> ideas competitions, use concepts

We provide our development services for real estate, construction and infrastructure projects by means of and within the framework of the following analyses and studies of the project as well as in the project environment. Our research results in project development provide information about contents and characteristics as well as risks and opportunities at the site and in its environment.

  • Project idea, feasibility studies
  • Market and location analyses/sector and competition analyses
  • Target definition, stakeholder/environment analyses, benchmarking
  • Valuation, cost/benefit analyses, capital/loan issues, risk identification
  • Timeline/schedule
  • Ecology, sustainability, general conditions


Project outline

As part of the project outline and the second stage of project development, we identify the relevant decision-making and implementation criteria for the project.

  • Object/project definition
  • Master plan
  • Use and operating concepts
  • Cost and return calculations
  • Financial optimisation, risk assessment
  • Milestones/general dates and deadlines
  • Analysis of the legal basis of the project


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