Unternehmensmanagement, Projektsteuerung und Projektmanatgement Berlin

Project steering Berlin

Qualities and quantities

As part of quality management, the nature and scope of the intended services and qualities of the product are to be planned, monitored, continuously adjusted to new circumstances and implemented in reality.
High standards and qualities are to the detriment of time and costs. Qualities and fittings considered early on in the project might have to be the victim of cost savings and tight deadlines during the further planning and implementation process.

We advise, define, monitor and control your targets in terms of quality so that you receive the best possible product in the project costframework on schedule.

Basic services and special services for quality and quantity

  • Compiling and agreeing requirementplanning
  • Review of the existing fundamentals for requirement planning for completeness and plausibility
  • Involvement in the clarification of site issues, obtaining the site-relevantdocumentation, during plot assessmentregarding use from a private and public law perspective
  • Implementation of a differentiated inquiry regardinginfrastructure (supply and disposal media, traffic etc.) and obtainingtherelevant information and documentation
  • Preparation and implementation of ideas,programme and implementationcompetitions
  • Review of the results of the basic findings of those involved in planning
  • Structuring the processes to formulate and implement the sustainability strategy in the organisational structure and procedures
  • Control of sustainability and certification processes
  • Continuous analysis and assessment of services / planning results of the planning participants regarding compliance with the prescribed project objectives.
  • Steering planning for 3- to n-dimensional building model processing and BIM administration
  • Control of planning of samples and involvement in samples
  • Verification of the result documentation from the people involved in the planning process regardingthe individual service phases of planning
  • Review of the quotation assessments and tender proposals drawn up by the planning participants
  • Sending out tender documentation
  • Verification of the direct andindirect effects of ancillary quotations regarding compliance with the prescribed project objectives
  • Analysis and assessment of the services of property monitoring as well as proposals and agreement of adjustment measures if the project objectives are under threat
  • Event-related local review of the property monitoring services
  • Analysis and assessment of the listing of the expiry dates of claims regarding defects
  • Arranging, coordinating and controlling rectification of defects that have occurred after acceptance


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