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Construction project management

Project management or project management systems are described by the DIN standard series DIN 69901:2009-01 with its components

  • DIN 69901-1 Fundamentals
  • DIN 69901-2 Processes, process model
  • DIN 69901-3 Methods
  • DIN 69901-4 Data, data model
  • DIN 69901-5 Concepts

The areas of project management are supplemented by the DIN 69909: 2013-03 or DIN 69909: 2015-11 multiproject management   - management of project portfolios, programs and projects, the DIN ISO 21500: 2016-02 guidelines project management and the DIN technical report ISO 10006: 2004 Quality Management Systems - Guidelines for Quality Management in Projects.

Can project management in construction be carried out within these regulations and can building projects be successfully carried out?

A commission already tried in 1993 to develop an answer. First, as a proposal for a performance picture for project control, instead of § 31 para. 1 HOAI to create, the project led in November 1996 with the Issue No. 9 of the series of AHO "investigations on the performance of § 31 and the fee for the project control "To the first success.

Currently, the now revised and considerably expanded version is already available in the 4th edition under the title "Project Management Services in the Construction and Real Estate Industry" and the commission issued the AHO No. 19 "Supplementary Performance Scenarios in Project Management for the Construction Industry". and Real Estate Economics (2018) ". Here, the basic services defined in AHO No. 9 are completed by special services.

We provide these services as required and on request for our customers, but we also think outside the box.

We understand construction project management as a holistic and comprehensive organizational and management task in the construction project and its environment.

The focus is on the continuous optimization and improvement of the construction project as well as its goals, contents and results.


Pure project management and emotionless project handling is not what our customers will experience with us. Our elementary services are:

a) Planning, control, monitoring and ongoing optimization

  • of the structure and process organization
  • of investment and construction costs
  • of the preparation, planning, execution and commissioning dates
  • of the qualities and quantities


b) Project-accompanying and systematic

  • Knowledge, communication and documentation management
  • Order, contract and supplementary management
  • Invoice, payment and receivables management
  • Conflict and crisis management, mediation

Companies have defined their tasks and competencies within the framework of their long-term developed and constantly adapted organizational structure and codified them into an organizational structure. Such immovable organizational structures and standardized procedural models with the classic project organs, hierarchies, decision-makers, committees and inflexible static process organizations, regulated and codified in diagrams and instructions, are in transition and are already in many places a thing of the past.

Hierarchical relationships break up in favor of flexibility and agility. Project phases mix. Interaction, low procedural and documentation constraints are replaced by solution-oriented self-organization of teams, self-initiative and responsibility. Minimal rules control themselves. Knowledge transfer is lived instead of using and retaining information as an instrument of power. The success of the project is achieved through pragmatic working methods and processes and the successful completion of the project reaches the team through good cooperation.

This form of project management is commonly referred to as agile project management, or "scrum" in German, and is our philosophy of managing projects together with our clients.

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