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Project development of Grunewald goods station

Historical facilities, buildings under monument protection

A turnaround is imminent for project developers setting the course for the future on the former goods station in Berlin Grunewald in the district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. The site on Cordesstraße covering 14 hectares that was formerly owned by the German railways (Deutsche Bahn) was purchased by the entrepreneur and investor Kurt Krieger in 2010.

After the plan to build two large furniture stores there failed because of resistance from the district council and a citizen’s initiative owing to the fear of high traffic volumes and environmental problems, the investor submitted new plans for a different project development: a mix of small businesses, residential buildings and parking areas, which was compatible with the requirements of residents, the environment and nature as well as business.

In the meantime, Kurt Krieger has left the project and sold the station site. A large shopping centre or enormous furniture stores with corresponding high levels of traffic and the resulting noise and pollution are off the table.

The site of the former goods station, one of several of its type in the capital, is located at the western edge of the city centre in the district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf between Halenseestraße and Avus aswell as the railway tracks on Cordesstraße.

On the extensive site that was formerly used by Deutsche Bahn exclusively for goods traffic, there are no buildings or old infrastructure apart from the railway tracks and the remains of former station buildings. A golf club resided here as an occasional intermediate user until 2013.

The old railway buildings under monument protection that are still in existence need refurbishment and in between there are some outlines of old cobbled roads that require improvement, extensive green areas and a few trees.

One plus point for a positive future development of the site is the appealing location between City West and wide-ranging green leisure areas in the west of Berlin. Another attractive feature as part of a forward-looking town planning overall development is also the proximity to the former exhibition site at the original Grunewalder Forst.

Condition and development of the site and the buildings

Links to public transport, which are always important as infrastructure for positive future development in the area, are already in existence. Expansion of the entire site beyond the actual railway area is also being planned together with theredesign of the Funkturm motorway junction by the Federal Government.

Precisely in the context of the planned dynamic expansion of City West, there are the attractive tasks for the project developer of upgrading the western edge of Berlin with new impetuses in harmony with the environment and neighbourhood.

The entire railway facility was built in the 1870s, during a period of economic upturn and the accelerated expansion of the track network in the German Empire. The architect at that time was the Berlin government master builder Karl Cornelius.

Some of the old buildings on the former Grunewald goods station have been torn down, some are under monument protection and should be integrated sensibly into the project with a new use. This also applies to the memorial on platform 17 in the south of the railway site in memory of Jewish citizens who were deported from here.

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