Frankfurter Allee privatisation project

Frankfurter Allee privatisation project

Karl-Marx-Allee is an important street in Berlin’s districts of Mitte and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. Magnificent apartment blocks from the 1950s in the style of Socialist Classicism are special highlights worth a visit. The avenue was first called Große Frankfurter Straße before it was renamed Stalinallee on Stalin’s 70th birthday and Karl-Marx-Allee in 1961.

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It leads from Alexanderplatz via Strausberger Platz to Frankfurter Tor where it merges into Frankfurter Allee. The adjacent residential buildings (the so-called Henselmann buildings), which extend from Strausberger Platz beyond Frankfurter Tor to Frankfurter Allee, were designed as workers’ palaces and were to represent the strength and engineering art of the German Democratic Republic.

The next underground service is available nearby at Frankfurter Tor (U5) station. Road traffic is ideally connected in all directions via Karl-Marx-Allee in the direction of Alexanderplatz, Lichtenberger Straße/Holzmarktstraße in the direction of Ostbahnhof, O2-World/East-Side or in the direction of Prenzlauer Berg and Pankow and via Frankfurter Allee out of town via the Ring-Center.

The 400 residential and commercial units with a turbulent history were newly split up following the division of blocks G North and G South and sold exclusively to Irish investors between 2006 and 2008. The financial crisis in 2008 caused the market to collapse and abruptly stopped sales of the properties. Units already sold had to be bought back on a large scale and at a considerable expense. Global sales efforts failed in 2009 and 2010. 

The sales market was weak; many large real estate packages were on offer. The next attempt was then made in 2011. International and national final purchasers began to be interested in individual properties again. Almost all properties, i.e., 400 units with around 35,450 sqm of residential and commercial space on around 14,000 sqm of land, were sold by 2015. At the same time, the façades and staircases were renovated in conformity with requirements for listed buildings, new windows were installed, primary building services, such as sanitary and electrical installations, and new lifts were fitted.

This was followed by the construction of eight penthouses with around 1,150 sqm of living space on the roofs of Block G North. Unique objects with 140 to 150 sqm of living space were built, some with lift connection to the top floor and with two entrances. Construction work was carried out in conformity with requirements for listed buildings and the existing building structure was integrated into the new building.

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