Bärenquell Brewery in Berlin Niederschöneweide

The Bärenquell brewery, an old eyewitness of the Berlin brewery history,
is brought to life by an investor for new ideas.

The brewery site was built in 1882 in the typical brick architecture with numerous buildings and repeatedly expanded. The majority is now a listed building.

The site, which was last used by the Bärenquell brewery and then stood empty for a long time, should now be filled with new life. The aim of the further development is a mixture of use of trade, commerce, services, office units, etc. of various sizes.

State today

Historical facilities, buildings of Bärenquell Brewery under monument protection

The former Bärenquell Brewery is located in the Berlin area of Niederschöneweide and belongs to the district of Treptow-Köpenick. The original brewery complex was situated on the current Schnellerstraße and was established as early as 1882. The site was built on in several stages and continually expanded.

It was in use until 1 April 1994. The site had been sold several times over its history, new plots were added and the buildings were extended. Today parts of the premises are under monument protection, which affects both the buildings of the original facility as well as the later extensions.

Buildings dating back to 1882 to 1969 in various styles

The oldest building on the plot is the official’s living quarters of 1882, designed by Robert Buntzel, a brick building with an emphasised central projection. The administrative building of 1888 is almost as old and by the same architect, which is in the neo-Renaissancestyle. The building has a striking tower. In 1901 a bottle storage building was erected by H. O. Obligat, which has a historic neo-Gothic boundary wall. In 1902 H. O. Obligat added the barrel factory with barrel wood storage facility in the same style, which consists of a long neo-Gothic wing towards the road. The southern and machinery building from 1906 were also built by H. O. Obligat. This is a central brewery building.

It is on four floors and also maintained in a neo-Gothic style and looks similar to a castle. The stables from 1910 blend in with the latter and they were also built by H. O. Obligat. It is not precisely clear who the architect was for the remaining buildings. A beer bottle cellar with loading station dates back to 1914 and the storage buildings were added to in 1920. The expressionisticbuilding on the plot is a workshop from 1927, with a house being builton the site in the same year. In 1928 a beer storage facility with cooling tower was constructed on the site in the expressionisticstyle and the so-called New Southern House was added only in 1969. The building now stands on the location of the former boiler building and is in the international modern style.

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